CaPow Announces Partnership with JLC Robotics

CaPow Brings its Perpetual Power Delivery Solution for Mobile Robots to the US in Partnership with JLC Robotics

In an expansion outside of Europe, the first-ever perpetual power delivery platform revolutionizes warehousing operations by supplying a non-stop power flow to robotic solutions while in motion, enabling 100% operational uptime

Be’er Sheva, Israel – September 7, 2023CaPow, the provider of perpetual power solutions for robotic fleets, today announced its expansion to the US.  As CaPow’s trusted partner in the US, JLC Robotics, a leading AGV robotic distributor and supplier in the automation industry will make CaPow’s robot agnostic solution commercially available to mobile robot operators across the US.  By eliminating charging downtime and dramatically reducing both upfront costs and total cost of ownership, CaPow enables 100% fleet uptime for 100% operational efficiency.

JLC Robotics is a leading provider of robotic products, including the Thouzer AGV, making them an ideal partner for CaPow to meet the rising demand for energy delivery systems for mobile robots. 

CaPow is spearheading the field of continuous power delivery with Genesis, a perpetual energy delivery solution that changes how mobile robots are designed and deployed.  CaPow’s Genesis delivers power to robots while on the go enabling 100% operational capacity at all times, eliminating the need for a larger robot fleet to compensate for robots that are charging. 

Capow’s scalable solution can be easily integrated into existing or newly designed mobile robots making it a seamless transition for warehouse operators. 

“The charging systems on the market today have built-in limitations and inefficiencies.  To charge a robot, it needs to stop working, costing an operation time and impacting its workforce, and this has made achieving the full potential of mobile robots impossible.  With perpetual power in motion, we are creating opportunities and use cases for mobile robots that simply hadn't even been considered previously,” said Prof. Mor M. Peretz, CEO and Co-Founder of CaPow.  “Our expansion to the US marks a significant step in accelerating CaPow’s global leadership in power delivery for mobile robots. We are excited for our first partnership with JLC and to bring non-stop operational capabilities to operators across the US.”

With CaPow, warehouse operators can remove charging stations to free up space for more storage, and its battery-free system removes batteries from the site, which for robots tend to be lithium based and are a hazardous material, creating a safer work environment. 

CaPow Genesis Power Storage - Choose from Battery Only, Battery plus super capacitor, or super capacitor only.
CaPow Genesis allows you to choose the power storage solution that works best for your application. The current architecture supports three choices: Battery only, Battery plus Super Capacitor, or Super Capacitor only.

CaPow’s Genesis solution is available to warehouse and manufacturing operators looking to effectively manage their mobile robotic fleets, as well as mobile robot manufacturers.

"We are honored to be partnering with CaPow.  Their vendor-agnostic perpetual power solution for mobile robot fleets is a true game-changer," said Jamie Callihan, President of JLC Robotics LLC.  “Since CaPow Genesis solves so many of our clients' problems at once, we are already seeing a huge demand for it.  There's nothing else like this on the planet and for us to say we are excited to share CaPow with our clients would be an understatement."

About CaPow

CaPow is a pioneer in the field of continuous power delivery, facilitating a revolutionary perpetual energy delivery solution that changes the way automation solutions are designed and deployed.  CaPow’s system allows automated robotic fleets to reach constant 100% throughput by charging their fleet while in-motion and eliminating charging downtime.  A leader in the field of warehouse and fulfillment automation, CaPow changes the pace of warehouse fulfillment.  Based on nearly two decades of research backed up by an extensive patent portfolio and a team of scientists, CaPow’s technology significantly improves automated fleets power delivery strategy, dramatically reduces the cost of ownership, simplifies infrastructure installation, and establishes echo-friendly deployments 


About JLC Robotics

JLC Robotics exists to help manufacturers compete, win, and prosper in the global marketplace. In partnership with their national reseller network, JLC Robotics focuses specifically on helping manufacturers alleviate today's labor shortages by deploying simple yet powerful material handling solutions including Thouzer AGV and the CaPow Genesis perpetual power solution for mobile robots.


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