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General Questions

CaPow Genesis is the world's first perpetual power solution for industrial mobile robots.  While there are many AMR/AGV fast chargers in the market today, only CaPow Genesis can charge industrial robots while they move, providing up to 100% uptime and zero downtime due to charging.

CaPowering your robot fleet is simple.  First, install a CaPow Genesis receiver kit on each robot you want to CaPower.  Then, deploy a CaPow Genesis power transmitter on the floor anywhere you need power to be delivered.  That's it!  Now your robots will charge themselves automatically whenever they roll over the power transmitter!  To learn more, see here.

CaPow Genesis is completely vendor agnostic and can be installed on any make or model of AMR, AGV, AGV, or other mobile robot.

That's fine!  We really are vendor agnostic.  Currently we support any robot power system that runs on DC power ranging from 12V to 60V.

Even if your robot fleet is made up of several models of robot, they can all get optimized power delivery from the same set of CaPow Genesis power transmitters.  You will not have to have dedicated charging areas for each vendor-specific charging dock/cable any more.

No.  CaPow Genesis has no network connectivity requirements.

The easiest way to monitor the performance of your mobile robot fleet is by using its native fleet management software.  You'll be able to see quite clearly that your CaPowered robots spends way more time working than the robots that have to stop and charge.

For example, here's the performance of five MiR robots as seen by MiR Fleet.  Can you tell which robot has been CaPowered?

(Hint: It's the one whose charge never dips below 70%)

CaPowered MiR 100 pod - 60 minute power utilization graph

There is no "one size fits all" answer to this question, but CaPow has created a software package called the Floor Planner Tool to assist in sticker placement and design.  This free tool helps you design your sticker layout for maximum uptime. 

CaPow Floor Planner Tool

One for each robot you would like to CaPower.


CaPow Genesis delivers 500 watts of power.  If your application requires more than this, let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate.

Yes!  CaPow Genesis can handle up to 50% misalignment between transmitter and receiver.  This makes wireless power transfer very easy to deploy, even if your mobile robots are not very accurate in their positioning.

The length, width, and height of our power transmitters change based on customer requirements.  In this case, we made the transmitter wide enough for people, robots, and carts to easily pass over the top in any direction without tripping.  It is several feet across but less than an inch tall.

CaPow Genesis Floor Transmitter Example

The receiver size varies but we optimize the receiver design for maximum power transfer and alignment flexibility.

Installation of CaPow Genesis

Installation is extremely simple.  Just lay the transmitter panel on the floor and plug it in to the power supply.  That's it!

Please work with your account team and/or use the CaPow Floor Planner Tool to determine optimal transmitter locations.

Remember, CaPow Genesis transmitters can easily be relocated after the initial deployment if required.

CaPow Genesis' maximum power delivery to your robot is 500W.  Actual power draw at the outlet is closer to 550W or 600W.

No.  CaPow Genesis runs on DC Power and cannot be plugged directly into a NEMA 5-15R wall outlet.  If you can't provide 48VDC at each transmitter location, you may purchase one AC to DC power converter for each transmitter you plan to install.

Please work with your CaPow account team to select an appropriate AC/DC converter for your specific application.


Our power transmitters are completely enclosed in a durable resin decking material with a gradual ramp on all sides so your robots can easily roll across them without having to cut holes in your floor.


Yes!  The solution is designed for compliance with the ICNIRP 2020 standards.  In addition to complying with their standards for occupational exposure within industrial facilities, the CaPow equipment also complies with the ICNIRP standard for general public exposure.

No, but the CaPow Genesis transmitter and receiver are both rated IP55, which means they are well-protected from ingress of dust and liquids.

If you're looking for an overview of CaPow Genesis - what it is and and how it works, click here; otherwise, please review the FAQ above and let us know if you still have questions.

Still have questions?

We can help!  Just fill out the contact form to the right and one of our solutions specialists will be in touch as soon as possible.  100% uptime is just a few clicks away!

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