Say Goodbye to AMR downtime with Perpetual Power from CaPow

Instead of taking your AMRs out of circulation to charge, CaPow charges your vehicles while they move.  That's right!  Say goodbye to:

  • Downtime due to charging,
  • Buying extra robots to cover charging time, and
  • Dedicating valuable floor space to AMR/AGV charging

Get CaPowered and keep your fleet running 24x7x365!

How's it Work?

Step 1 - Install the Receivers

Each robot you CaPower will receive two new  pieces of equipment.

  1. A wireless power receiver installed inside your AMR or AGV.
  2. A lightweight, shielded antenna installed on the outside of your robot.
Illustration of a CaPow receiver and receiver antenna mounted beneath a mobile robot.
CaPow Genesis Transmitter Assembly - Floor Panel and Power/Control box.

Step 2 - Install The Transmitters

Next, wireless power transmitters are installed along the floor of your facility where mobile robots often travel.

These ruggedized devices automatically transfer power to your robot fleet as robots roll across the charger.


Step 3 - Enjoy 100% Uptime

Say goodbye to downtime due to charging!  With CaPow, you can keep 100% of your fleet working 100% of the time.

Thumbnail for the animated example of what a capowered warehouse / distribution center looks like.

Still Have Questions?

It may sound too good to be true, but the future is here.  To learn more about CaPow Genesis, please review our FAQ, but if you're ready to see how CaPow can improve your  company's operations, just fill out the form below and we'll be in touch within one business day.

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