Thouzer AGV

Start your automation journey with the easiest AGV on the planet.

Why Thouzer?

Thouzer was designed to be simple, powerful, and flexible.

  • Simple to deploy and operate.  Thouzer is plug and play.  No Wifi, no Bluetooth, and no expensive setup required.
  • Powerful enough to pull heavy loads - up to 2000lb (900kg) per trip.
  • Flexible enough to meet the demands of today's modern manufacturing environments.

Meet the Thouzer Family

There are five Thouzers:

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Thouzer Lite AGV Product Photo - Thouzer Lite on a white background

Thouzer Lite

The Thouzer Lite AGV is an entry-level automated guided vehicle that makes moving heavy loads easy.  Just load up the robot cart, press “Follow Me,” and Thouzer will obey.  It follows you wherever you go, avoiding obstacles along the way.

Thouzer Lite carries up to 100 kg (220 lbs) and includes multiple safety features.  To maximize its usefulness, mount material handling structures like shelving, bins, cabinets, or cages on top of the robot.  If you need to keep Thouzer running 24x7, this model even supports hot-swappable batteries!

Thouzer Standard

The Standard Thouzer is our flagship AGV and a distinct upgrade over the Thouzer Lite. Not only is the Standard smarter than the Lite, but it’s stronger too!

Unlike Thouzer Lite, the Standard Thouzer AGV can easily memorize and replay routes through your facility with just the press of a button, making the Standard Thouzer a truly automated guided vehicle, without the need for WiFi, Bluetooth, training pendants, mapping your facility or complex programming. Thouzer makes it easy to start your automation journey!

Thouzer Standard carries up to 120kg (265lb) of cargo and it can tow up to another 300kg (660lb) at the same time for a grand total of 420kg / 925lb of cargo capacity - more than 4x the capacity of a Thouzer Lite! Have complete peace of mind putting these in your plant, with safety options like emergency stop buttons, safety bumpers, audible alarms, 2-D and 3-D LiDAR, safety lights, stack lights, and more.

Thouzer Standard AGV Product Photo - Thouzer Standard on a white background
Thouzer Mini AGV Product Photo - A Thouzer Mini on a white background

Thouzer Mini

The Thouzer Mini AGV is the smallest robot cart in the Thouzer family and is most commonly used in custom automation projects where a small footprint is required.

Thouzer Mini has all the same features as its larger siblings, including simple deployment and maintenance, multiple navigation modes, custom I/O options, and more. The Mini’s footprint is just under 20”x20” and it carries up to 60kg (132lbs).

Common use cases for the Thouzer Mini include remote monitoring/inspection of large facilities, mobile digital billboards, etc.

Thouzer Giant

The Thouzer Giant AGV is the workhorse of the Thouzer family. It has all the simplicity and features of a Standard Thouzer but it's bigger and stronger.

The Thouzer Giant carries up to 300 kg (660 lbs) and tows up to 600 kg (1320 lbs), meaning it can move about 2000lb per trip.

Like the Standard Thouzer, the Thouzer Giant AGV also offers advanced features such as custom I/O integrations, expandable battery packs for extended runtime, API access for IIOT applications, remote control, custom payload fabrication and much, much more. Consider the Thouzer Giant platform for your plant’s automation needs!

Thouzer Giant
Thouzer Giant AGV Product Illustration - A Thouzer Giant EX carrying a loaded pallet

Thouzer Giant EX

The Thouzer Giant EX is a heavy-duty variant of the Thouzer Giant automated guided vehicle.

Purpose-built for 48”x40” palletized loads, this AGV offers an increased cargo capacity of 500kg (1100lbs) per trip, making it the strongest Thouzer AGV in production today.

If you want to simplify handling of your palletized loads without vendor lock-in and a huge infrastructure upgrade, the Thouzer Giant EX AGV is a great solution.

Which Thouzer AGV is right for me?

The Standard Thouzer and Thouzer Giant are our most popular AGVs but if you need help figuring out which model is best for you, just click the button below and we're happy to help you explore your options.

Is this thing safe?

(Yes, Thouzer AGV is safe!)

Each and every Thouzer AGV comes equipped with multiple safety features, including an audible warning device, emergency stop (E-stop) button, safety bumper, two-dimensional LiDAR sensor, and automatic collision/obstacle avoidance.

If that's not enough, you may add a stack light or other visual warning devices, additional E-stop buttons, additional LiDAR sensors , and enhanced safety margins to increase Thouzer's safety even further.

Thouzer AGVs bear the European CE mark and are in compliance with the ISO3691-4 standard for driverless trucks, as well as European standards for industrial trucks (EN12895, EN1175-1).

Common Thouzer Safety Features

  • Customizable audible warning
  • E-Stop button(s)
  • Safety bumper
  • 2D and 3D LiDAR sensors
  • Automatic collision/obstacle avoidance
  • Stack light
  • Configurable safety margins

Three Simple Ways to Work

Thouzer AGVs offer three different navigation modes.  You get to pick which one (or ones!) works best for your facility.  None of them requires a computer, WiFi, or a training pendant.  You can always repurpose and redeploy Thouzer as the needs of your facility evolve!

Thouzer Follow-Me Navigation - A picture of a loaded Thouzer AGV following an operator


Press the Follow-Me button and Thouzer "locks on" to its operator, then follows him or her around completely hands-free.  This is especially useful in pick and pack operations.

An illustration of how Thouzer Memory Trace works. Thouzer actually uses LiDAR sensors to learn its environment and paths.

Memory Trace

Teach Thouzer fixed routes through your facility, then replay them completely autonomously without the need for mapping the facility beforehand.

Thouzer Line Trace Navigation

Line Trace

Line Trace Navigation allows you to design complex routes for Thouzer to run completely autonomously.  Use location IDs to send Thouzer exactly where it's needed.

Need help sorting through it all?

We get it.  There's a ton of information out there, not just on our site but on all the others also.  We'd be happy to help you make sense of it all.  Just fill out the contact form below and we'll be in touch within one business day.  If you want to speak to someone right now, call 513-202-4050.

Still have questions?

That's completely understandable!  There are lots of AGVs out there and it's really hard to figure out which one is the right fit for you and your company.

Let us help you!  We think our automated guided vehicles are pretty great but they're not for everyone and that's OK.  Send us your questions and we'll get you pointed in the right direction, even if that direction is somewhere else.

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