Line Trace

The Absolute Simplest Way to Make an AGV Run a Fixed Route

If you want your AGV to run a predictable path with no programming required, Line Trace Navigation is the way to go.  With Line Trace  navigation, Thouzer follows a path of retroreflective tape or paint around the factory floor.

Once you put retroreflective tape on your factory floor, Thouzer will follow the tape path until it reaches the end of the line.

Along the path, you can place "signs" on the floor that tell Thouzer to pause, turn around, merge in/out of branch lines, speed up, slow down, and more.  Line Trace is an excellent option for complex facility layouts that rarely change.

Line Trace Overiew

If you want to see Line Trace in action, start here.  It's pretty amazing what can be accomplished with a Thouzer AGV and some retroreflective tape.

Remember, these units require ZERO programming ahead of time.  Just put them on the nearest path, select a destination, and they're off and running.  No programming, training pendants, or computers required.

Put Your Thouzer to work within minutes of unpacking!

Workforce Efficiency

Thouzer is flexible with customizable payloads with cabinets, shelving, bins, etc...Carry full-size pallets, pull pallet jacks, or string up to (5) autonomous carts together.

Easy to Use

Thouzer is simple and requires no mapping or programming to get started. Easy to add and update routes.

No More Pushing or Pulling Carts

Thouzer pushes and pulls single and multiple carts/dollies, making it possible to multiply the workload in a massive way.

Powerful Machinery

Thouzer is powerful, carrying up to 661 lbs (300 kg) and tows up to 1323 lbs (600 kg).

Meets ISO Safety Requirements

Thouzer meets ISO safety requirements for driveless trucks, LIDAR-based automatic collision avoidance, Emergency E-Stop button, redundant collision detection, and audio/visual alerts to notify your workers of your robot's presence.

Convenience with All the Perks

Enjoy these perks and other great features, including additional batteries, wireless charging, custom tow packages for your existing carts, custom payloads, and more!

Still have questions?

That's completely understandable!  There are lots of AGVs, AMRs, AGCs, and other miracle material handling solutions out there.  It's hard to figure out which one is best for you.

Let us help you figure it out!  We think our AGVs are pretty great but they're not for everyone and that's OK.  Send us your questions and we'll get you pointed in the right direction, even if that direction is somewhere else.

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