Who is JLC Robotics?

JLC Robotics is an industrial automation distributor in Cincinnati, OH.  Our product portfolio is built around two solutions:

Thouzer AGV

The best combination of simplicity, power, and flexibility on the market today.  If you need a simple way to automate your material handling processes without breaking the bank, Thouzer is the way to go.

CaPow Genesis

The world's first and only perpetual power solution for mobile robot fleets.  By charging your fleet at rest AND in motion, we are able to provide up to 100% uptime and 0% downtime due to charging for significant robot fleet size/cost savings.

As an automation distributor, we partner with quality integrators across the continent.  Join our partner network today!

We Believe in American Manufacturing.

Why We're Here

Why We're Here

We exist to help manufacturers compete, win, and prosper in the global marketplace.  We combine best-of-breed solutions with decades of experience to remove our clients' barriers to success.

How we Operate

How We Operate

• We refuse to operate without honor, honesty, and integrity.
• We respect our industry peers and want what is best for our clients.
• We believe in working hard and enjoying the fun times.
• We believe in sharing and giving back.

The JLC Robotics Story

Manufacturing is in my blood.  My grandpa spent 25 years making transmissions for Ford Motor Company in Sharonville, Ohio.  My mom followed in his footsteps and worked there 31 years herself.  I began my own manufacturing career at Ford Motor Company in the summer of 1993.  Our plant made transmissions which makes for high production of tight tolerance parts.  


At Ford, I worked in machining, assembly, material handling, and skilled trades.  Working in these areas taught me many things like the importance of quality, processes, cycle time, product flow, and overall manufacturing principles.


When Ford offered me a buyout in 2006, I jumped at the opportunity to finish my bachelors degree.  In January 2007, I started learning to sell custom-engineered automation and tooling by day while taking my college classes at night.


In 2009 I became a manufacturers’ representative and started JLC Industrial LLC.  Over the next fourteen years, JLC Industrial completed over 300 OEM automotive projects in addition to multiple projects serving Tier 1/2/3 automotive customers as well as the aerospace industry.


In early 2022, I was approached by the Doog company out of Ibaraki, Japan.  Doog makes a very simple yet very powerful AGV (automated guided vehicle) that is very popular in Asia and Europe.  Doog approached me to bring this technology to the United States for the first time.


Having traveled all over the US for the past seven years, I’ve watched manufacturers struggle to automate their facilities.  At first, companies were automating merely to cut cost; however, once the labor market dried up in 2020, companies were forced to do more with less people.


After seeing how easily Doog’s Thouzer AGV can automate industrial material handling, I was definitely interested.  Once I found out that our biggest automotive customer, Toyota, uses Doog’s products in many of its Japanese plants, I knew I’d found something special.


In April 2022 we formed JLC Robotics LLC specifically to share Thouzer AGVs with North American manufacturers and we have been growing ever since.


Meet the JLC Robotics Team

Jamie Callihan - JLC Robotics - President

Jamie Callihan


“For over 30 years, we have developed strong, long-lasting relationships with our industry partners and final customers, being a professional manufacturer’s representative. These relationships are the foundation of our success and have contributed to our goodwill leading to customer loyalty and our customer base of JLC. We serve Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and key national accounts.” Jamie Callihan is the President and has 30 years of experience in Manufacturing and Sales. He holds a BS degree in Sales & Marketing and has worked for big Industry names in manufacturing, i.e., Ford Motor Co, Toyota, and Safran Landing System. While working for these manufacturing companies, he has acquired expertise in Sales & Customer relationship management.

Phil Denton - JLC Robotics - VP of AMR Solutions

Phil Denton

Channel Sales Manager

Phil Denton has spent the bulk of his career building enterprise IT infrastructure.  Before joining JLC Robotics LLC, Phil worked for world-class IT companies including  Cisco Systems, CDW, and Accenture. Since receiving his Computer Science degree, Phil has served premier manufacturers such as Mazak Corporation, General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products, Candle-Lite, ADB Safegate and more. Over the years, Phil has earned industry certifications from Cisco Systems, HP, vmWare, Microsoft, and many others. His main expertise is enterprise network connectivity with a particular focus on IT/OT integration, the Industrial Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0.

Harry Petrinowitsch - JLC Robotics - Senior Sales Engineer

Harry Petrinowitsch

Senior Sales Engineer

Harry Petrinowitsch, BSME, has been in the manufacturing industry for over 40 years. The first part of his career was in the Plastic Injection Mold industry, wearing many hats, including purchasing, project management, machining, design, sales, and eventually owning. After a successful sale of his company, Harry has taken on different opportunities but most concentrated in the sales environment. He brings experience to JLC Robotics in industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, and Consumer goods.

Marsha Hunt - JLC Robotics - Senior Management

Marsha Hunt

Senior Management

Marsha Hunt is the most experienced resource at JLC Industrial LLC. She completed her diploma in Business Management many years back and has 32 years of experience in high regard companies, i.e., Ford Motor Company, in different departments, particularly in electrical/PLC. Marsha is a Senior Manager of Management and helps the company make strong managerial decisions based on her qualification and experience. Her quality work assists the Head of operations & management take strong steps and making complicated decisions easier. She is calm and has the great aptitude, making her a strong resource.

We Don't Replace Humans, We Help Them!

The Thouzer Difference

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