A collection of eight Thouzer AGVs, each being used differently. The back row includes a Thouzer Giant carrying a pallet jack with a specialized towing rig; a Thouzer Giant EX carrying a full-sized pallet and a Thouzer Basic which has been fitted with aftermarket shelving and is also towing a dolly with even more shelves on it. The front row of five is just more images of the Thouzer Family - Thouzer Lite, Thouzer Basic, Thouzer Basic E-Series, and Thouzer Giant.

Meet Thouzer - The Easiest Mobile Robot You've Ever Seen

If you're looking for a simple way to start automating your material handling processes, you've come to the the right place.  The Thouzer AGV is simple, powerful, and affordableSimple enough to deploy in minutes.  Powerful enough to move nearly 2000lb per trip.  Affordable enough to measure ROI in months, not years.  

Put your Thouzer to work within minutes of unpacking!

Customizable Payload

Use cabinets, shelving, bins, pallets, loaded pallet jacks, or even your existing carts and dollies or custom trailers.

Easy to Use

Designed with the individual operator in mind, Thouzer is simple and requires very little instruction to train, use, and retrain.  No programming required!

No More Pushing and Pulling

Thouzer pushes and pulls single and multiple carts/dollies, making it possible to multiply the workload in a massive way.

Powerful Machinery

Thouzer is powerful, carrying up to 661 lbs (300 kg) and tows up to 1323 lbs (600 kg) for a max load of 1984lb.

Thouzer Safety Features

Thouzer meets ISO safety requirements for driverless trucks.  It has LIDAR-based automatic collision avoidance, Emergency E-Stop button(s), redundant collision detection, and audio/visual alerts to notify your workers of your robot's presence.

Customize for your Application

Thouzer's pretty great by itself, but feel free to upgrade the batteries, add wireless charging, custom tow packages for your existing carts, custom payloads, API integration, and more!

Navigation Modes

Follow Me

If you have workers pushing and pulling heavy loads around your facility, speed them up while making their lives easier with Thouzer Follow Me.  

Memory Trace

Rather than having to program a Thouzer AGV, it learns by example!  Once you teach Thouzer a route with Memory Trace, you can run it over and over and over.

Line Trace

We often refer to Line Trace navigation as AGV+ mode because it operates very similarly to traditional AGVs but with several impressive improvements.

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The Thouzer Difference

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