Why CaPow Genesis? Robot Fleet Savings! (Video)

At Modex this year, Phil was asked how CaPow benefits his customers.  His first answer?

"CaPow saves you money!"

Hear how in the video below.

Video Transcript

Question: What are the industry challenges that CaPow can solve?

The first one is robot fleet size and having to oversize your robot fleet when you're looking at a new deployment.

There are lots of things that factor into robot downtime:  Cleaning, inspection, lubrication, maintenance, but the number one cause by far is going to be charging, alright?

And a lot of different robots have a lot of different ratios for how long they spend working versus how long they spend charging.

The CaPow solution was designed from the ground up to completely eliminate downtime due to charging, so you want to keep 100% of your fleet running 100% of the time.

So for an operator, for a customer buying buying a robot fleet, this is a significant savings.

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Want to learn more about CaPow and what perpetual power can do for your robot fleets?

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