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The New Warehouse Podcast Episode 439 with JLC Robotics - Jamie Callihan and Phil Denton
The New Warehouse Podcast Episode 439 with JLC Robotics - Jamie Callihan and Phil Denton

Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome?  You know, the feeling that you're just not good enough to be where you are and everyone else in the room knows more than you?  That's just how I felt when Kevin Lawton invited us to speak on The New Warehouse podcast last year!

After all, The New Warehouse podcast has been around for years now and previous guests include huge companies like Vecna Robotics, Bastian Solutions, Zebra, Dematic, and many many more.  What on earth could Phil Denton say that those guys haven't already said?

As it turns out, Kevin Lawton is a miracle worker, a WONDERFUL host, and in the end, I think I actually sound a little bit like I know what I'm talking about!  I may not have decades years of manufacturing experience like Jamie, but  think I've learned a thing or two over the past couple years and I'm happy to have been able to share some of those things on The New Warehouse podcast.

I've included some highlights of our episode below, and if you take the time to listen to it, I really would like to know what you think.  Feel free to send me your feedback on LinkedIn or just leave a comment below and I promise I'll respond!

New Warehouse Podcast Highlights

The podcast is not that long - only 34 minutes - but if you want to have an idea of what Jamie and I talk about, I've included a quick summary here.

04:40 - What's going on in the AMR/AGV market today

  • Automation in a tight labor market

09:45 - Tips for choosing a robotics and automation vendor

12:00 - Mobile Robot Industry Update

  • Difference between Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)
  • Market/growth predictions for AGVs and AMRs
  • Mobile Robot Interoperability with VDA5050 and third-party navigation engines
  • Mobile robot deployment complexity vs organizational ability

23:12 - Thouzer AGV Introduction

  • Ease of use
  • Great ROI when pulling carts and dollies
  • Lots of flexibility -> Lots of uses
  • Runs autonomously and collaboratively

28:20 - CaPow Genesis Introduction

  • Perpetual power for mobile robots
  • AMRs, AGVs, AGCs, etc.
  • Eliminate downtime due to charging
  • Vendor agnostic
  • Huge savings by right-sizing the robot fleet
  • Solution overview

Listen to New Warehouse podcast episode 439 here!

For more information on CaPow Perpetual Power, click here.

For information on Thouzer AGV, click here.

To connect with Phil on LinkedIn, click here.

To connect with Jamie on LinkedIn, click here.

Be sure to check out the JLC Robotics YouTube Channel.

About The New Warehouse Podcast with Kevin Lawton

Kevin Lawton of The New Warehouse podcast
Kevin Lawton of The New Warehouse podcast

Kevin Lawton has worked in and around warehouse and distribution facilities for the past ten years.  Eager to expand his knowledge of the industry but unable to find any resources that covered the warehousing industry in a compelling way, Kevin founded The New Warehouse Podcast in 2019.

Since then, he's produced over 450 episodes covering topics including fulfillment, robotics, data analytics, what green means to supply chain, and more.  To listen to the latest episode of The New Warehouse, just go to or search for The New Warehouse on your favorite podcast platform including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and more.

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