All About the Thouzer Robot

What is the Thouzer Robot?

The Thouzer robot is an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) from Japan.  While Thouzer robots serve in many industries, they are primarily used in manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution center environments.

Doog's Headquarters and Global Sales Office
Doog's Headquarters and Global Sales Office

What can Thouzer Robot Do?

Thouzer robots easily move material through your facility, but that's not all!  Please scroll through the images below and review the 'family photo' above for other use cases.  Click a photo for a short description.

Types of Thouzer Robot

There are five Thouzers robot models:

  • Thouzer Standard - our flagship AGV.
  • Thouzer Giant - for heavier loads.
  • Thouzer Lite - for simple Follow-Me applications.
  • Thouzer Mini - for custom projects needing a small footprint.
  • Thouzer Giant EX - for palletized loads.

Thouzer Robot Safety


Every Thouzer robot has multiple safety features, including an audible warning device, emergency stop (E-stop) button, safety bumper, 2-D LiDAR proximity sensor, automatic collision/obstacle avoidance, and more.

Thouzer AGVs bear the European CE mark and are in compliance with the ISO3691-4 standard for driverless trucks, as well as European standards for industrial trucks (EN12895, EN1175-1).

Common Thouzer Safety Features

  • Customizable audible warning
  • E-Stop button(s)
  • Safety bumper
  • 2D and 3D LiDAR sensors
  • Automatic collision/obstacle avoidance
  • Stack light
  • Blue light
  • Configurable safety margins

Thouzer Robot Operation

Thouzer robots can operate collaboratively alongside your operators or they can run completely autonomously.  Mix and match the navigation methods below to create the perfect operation for your facility.  No computer, no WiFi, or programming required!

Thouzer Follow-Me Navigation - A picture of a loaded Thouzer AGV following an operator

Follow Me

Press the Follow-Me button and Thouzer will follow you around until you tell it to stop.  This is especially useful in pick and pack operations.

An illustration of how Thouzer Memory Trace works. Thouzer actually uses LiDAR sensors to learn its environment and paths.

Memory Trace

Thouzer robots learn by example.  Just show Thouzer the route you want it to take through your facility, then bring it back to the starting point and it will replay the route all by itself with the press of a button!

Thouzer Line Trace Navigation

Line Trace

To create very complex routes with no programming, use Line Trace Navigation.  In this mode, Thouzer follows lines of tape or paint through your facility.

Still have questions?

That's completely understandable!  There are lots of mobile robots out there and it's really hard to figure out which one is the right fit for you and your company.

Let us help you!  We think the Thouzer robot is pretty great but they're not for everyone and that's OK.  Send us your questions and we'll get you pointed in the right direction, even if that direction is somewhere else.

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