The Thouzer Difference

Why Thouzer AMRs? How are we different?

Most AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) are a pain to set up.  First, you have to connect to the robot via WiFi using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Then, you have to drive the robot around your whole facility so it can learn what the environment looks like.  Then you tell it where it's not allowed to travel.  Then you set waypoints to explain to the robot how you'd prefer for it to travel.  Then, you can finally assign the robot "missions" that tell it what you want it to do.  THEN you can finally pick a mission and put the robot to work.

Sounds complicated, right? 

That's because it is!  Planning for a traditional AMR deployment takes A LOT of time.  Not only do you need to plan for how your production processes will change, but most AMRs require WiFi access to function so that means you have to get your corporate IT and cybersecurity teams involved in the project too.  Not to mention your employees will need a lot of training to maintain this solution once it's deployed.

If you want easy, you want Thouzer.  This is the AMR that requires no WiFi, no bluetooth, and no computer programming.  Thouzer AMRs are designed to be simple to use and powerful enough to make life much, much easier for your coworkers.  Read on to learn more about Thouzer autonomous mobile robots.

Thouzer Basic pulling a cart while following a Line Trace path


Many autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) take a long time to set up.  First, you have to connect to the robot using a laptop or tablet just to get started.  Then you have to map the robot's environment, tell the robot where it is (not) allowed to operate, set up the navigational waypoints, assign missions, and THEN you can finally put your robot to work.

Doesn't that sound complicated?  Yeah.  We agree.  Thouzer AMRs were designed to be easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to maintain.  Once you unbox your unit, you can literally put it to work with the press of a single button - no laptop, tablet, smartphone or pendant required.


Thouzer AMRs were built for factory work.  They can handle uneven floors, gentle grades, indoor/outdoor environments, and can even move up to 2000lbs of material per machine.  And did we mention they do all this at speeds up to 5mph and run for upwards of 20 miles between charges?  (7.5kph for up to 20km)

And this is all before we start adding useful options like additional batteries, wireless charging, custom towing packages for your existing carts, custom payloads, etc.

Thouzer Giant EX carrying a palletized load
Two E-Series Thouzers Side by Side - Giant on the left, Basic on the right


Believe it or not, Thouzer autonomous mobile robots start at about $30,000.  We try to make these AMRs as easy as possible to buy.

  • No server hardware, software, or licensing needed.
  • Deploy in minutes, not days/weeks/months
  • No costly deployment services
  • No expensive engineers for re/programming

Put Your Thouzer to work within minutes of unpacking!

Workforce Efficiency

Thouzer is flexible with customizable payloads with cabinets, shelving, bins, etc...Carry full-size pallets, pull pallet jacks, or string up to (5) autonomous carts together.

Easy to Use

Thouzer is simple and requires no mapping or programming to get started. Easy to add and update routes.

No More Pushing or Pulling Carts

Thouzer pushes and pulls single and multiple carts/dollies, making it possible to multiply the workload in a massive way.

Powerful Machinery

Thouzer is powerful, carrying up to 661 lbs (300 kg) and tows up to 1323 lbs (600 kg).

Meets ISO Safety Requirements

Thouzer meets ISO safety requirements for driveless trucks, LIDAR-based automatic collision avoidance, Emergency E-Stop button, redundant collision detection, and audio/visual alerts to notify your workers of your robot's presence.

Convenience with All the Perks

Enjoy these perks and other great features, including additional batteries, wireless charging, custom tow packages for your existing carts, custom payloads, and more!

Three Simple Navigation Modes

Thouzer AMRs offer three different navigation modes.  None of them require complex programming, mapping your entire facility, or lengthy training for your employees.  Read on to find out how easily you can put Thouzer to work in your facility.

Thouzer Follow-Me Navigation - A picture of a loaded Thouzer AMR following an operator

Follow Me

Follow Me allows an operator to press a single button to make the Thouzer "lock on" and follow him or her around completely hands-free.  This technology is a dream come true for warehouse workers.

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An illustration of how Thouzer Memory Trace works. Thouzer actually uses LiDAR sensors to learn its environment and paths.

Memory Trace

Memory Trace allows a Thouzer AMR to learn fixed routes through your facility, then replay a route completely autonomously without the need for mapping the facility beforehand.

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Thouzer Line Trace

Line Trace

Thouzer Line Trace Navigation allows you to design complex route through your plant for Thouzer to run completely autonomously.  Use location IDs to send Thouzer exactly where it's needed the most.

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Still have questions?

That's completely understandable!  There are lots of autonomous mobile robots out there and it's really hard to figure out which one is the right fit for you and your company.

Let us help you!  We think our AMRs are pretty great but they're not for everyone and that's OK.  Send us your questions and we'll get you pointed in the right direction, even if that direction is somewhere else.